Author Guidelines

Events Policy:

If you are interested in having an event at Bear Pond Books, please fill out the proposal form below and send it to

Unfortunately, we get many more Author Event requests than we are able to fulfill.  We choose events based on community interest, book publicity and reviews, and a balance of subject matter.

Offsite Events: We are in a relatively small town - we find that there is not a large enough audience to support multiple events happening at the same time around the same book / author. If your audience is more appropriately found in another place - the library, a local organization, a reception in a different business, etc. - we encourage you to consider whether that is a better location for your event. We provide off-site sales support for a limited number of events each year based on location, community interest, and staff availability. 

If You are a Childrens / YA Author we have a separate events planning process. In 2012, we started an educators-authors series in which we bring authors and educators together to talk about topics relevant to using books in the classroom. This means that we start our events planning with what school teachers and librarians tell us *they* want, and find local authors who can speak to those subjects. You can read about previous events in the series at our Educators' Resource page. If you would like to be on our list of possible speakers, please contact with your background, published titles, and any previous work done with educators. Please do skim the list of past events so that you have an idea of what sorts of subjects we cover. 

Event Proposal Form:


Thank you for your interest in placing your book at Bear Pond. If your book has been published by an established publisher, and we decide to carry it, we will purchase it directly from that publisher. If that is the case, you are welcome to send us notification of your book's publication to

If your book is self-published or not readily available through our normal wholesalers (i.e., Baker & Taylor or Ingram), we may offer you the opportunity to sell it at the store on a consignment basis. We are happy to support local authors through our consignment program and do our best to provide shelf space for your books.  We do, however, keep in mind our inventory needs and the interests of our customers.

Our normal terms for booksales accepted for consignment are 60/40, i.e., we take a 40% discount on your consignment price. On consignment, the book remains the property of the consignor until sold and Bear Pond Books is not responsible for lost or stolen merchandise.

Call the store and ask for Amanda or e-mail