My First Book of Nautical Knots: A Guide to Sailing and Decorative Knots (Paperback)

My First Book of Nautical Knots: A Guide to Sailing and Decorative Knots Cover Image
By Caroline Britz, Laura Gómez Guerra (Illustrator), Andrea Jones Berasaluce (Translated by)
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Do you know what seamanship is? It's the art of making knots. But there's no need to board a boat to learn how to make sea knots. My First Book of Nautical Knots brings you eighteen knots to discover. Some are done in a jiffy, like the figure eight or the bowline knot; others require greater concentration, such as the slip knot or the bosco knot. Still others are so pretty that you can use them to make a jewel or a small decorative object. Ropework is an activity very popular with children, and My First Book of Nautical Knots offers beautifully illustrated step-by-step models of nautical knots that is sure to help parents and children to learn and master this craft together. As a bonus, My First Book of Nautical Knots presents the star of the playground: gimp stitching.

About the Author

Caroline Britz is a journalist in the maritime sector. She loves to cross the ladder more than anything to share and tell the life of sailors. She has traveled the oceans and is always amazed at the great maritime adventures.


I’m Laura, an illustrator from Spain currently based in France.

Drawing always has been my passion. When I was a child I used to spend hours staring at illustrations of children’s books, unconsciously studying every detail of this magic world.

Currently represented by the Bright Agency, I’ve been working as illustrator for children’s books for different publishers such as Vagnon, Casterman,…

I’m really glad of receiving new working proposals and collaborations, so you’re very welcome to send me a message:

Also collaborator at:
Viviendo del cuento Podcast along with my fellow illustrators: Eva Carot and Manuela López.

Pupa Magazine with my friend Andrea Barja.
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ISBN: 9781510759329
ISBN-10: 1510759328
Publisher: Sky Pony
Publication Date: May 19th, 2020
Pages: 64
Language: English