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Ancestral Tarot: Uncover Your Past and Chart Your Future

Ancestral Tarot: Uncover Your Past and Chart Your Future

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Publication Date: March 1st, 2021
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A practical, hands-on guide for using tarot to connect with your ancestors and gain access to their insights for healing, self-protection, and personal powers.

With a tarot deck in hand, readers will learn how to identify and access ancestral gifts, messages, powers, protectors, and healers.

Tarot expert Nancy Hendrickson guides readers through the basics of finding recent ancestors, and navigating the confusing maze of DNA and ethnic heritage. As a longtime tarot enthusiast, she shows readers how to incorporate a metaphysical tool into a world of tradition.

Ancestral Tarot spreads are included in relevant chapters. Each chapter includes three journal prompts that lead readers into self-discovery around ancestral gifts, wounds, and patterns they may have inherited. The better we know our ancestors, the better we know ourselves.

About the Author

Nancy Hendrickson is an author with decades of experience in genealogy and tarot. Her published work includes several genealogy books and magazine articles. Nancy has been interviewed on the topic of internet genealogy by the New York Times, Kiplinger’s, and Better Homes and Gardens.  She is a columnist for The Cartomancer Magazine, writing about Tarot decks of the past as well as Tarot from a cultural perspective. She is active on Instagram @nancysageshadow where she posts daily about Tarot and other forms of divination. You can learn more about Nancy and her work at

Praise for Ancestral Tarot: Uncover Your Past and Chart Your Future

“This is a tarot book of the very best kind. It is a journey to the self through the spirits of those who’ve come before. It plunges you immediately into the process and, with the author as experienced guide, you’ll learn the skills needed for each step of the way. The only thing you add is one or more tarot decks, a journal, and the willingness to explore this little traveled terrain. Highly recommended even for those who don’t know or care about their lineage, as you’ll find yourself connected to the deepest pathways of life.” 
— Mary K. Greer, author of Tarot for Your Self

“Exploring ancestral patterns can be a painful journey, especially when the road is paved with skeletons that haunt us along the way. Thankfully, Nancy Hendrickson has written a valuable book brimming with useful techniques for uncovering where our ancestral inheritances may have originated and why we sometimes feel the impulse to act them out. Each exercise magically transforms the ancestral agenda and becomes a curative lesson in freeing ourselves from repeating outdated stories. In the end, Ancestral Tarot becomes a sound ally and advocate for healing the generational wound.” 
— Carrie Paris, creator of The Relative Tarot

“A powerful, revelatory guidebook on using the tarot to connect with your ancestors, Nancy Hendrickson’s Ancestral Tarot meets you where you are on your spiritual journey and takes you farther, deeper, opening you up to an expansive world of psychic insight. With this book, you’ll learn how to unveil long forgotten ancestral memories and cultivate stronger bonds with your spirit guides. Hendrickson is an authoritative voice I trust.”
— Benebell Wen, author of Holistic Tarot

“Nancy Hendrickson has magnificently broken new ground with Ancestral Tarot. There has never been a Tarot book quite like this, and we have never needed a book like this as much as we do now. In clear, warm, and accessible prose, she opens exciting new possibilities for the use of Tarot in exploring ancestral connection, as well as exposing important new frontiers of personal Tarot work. This is a must-have on any serious Tarot bookshelf, offering deep and important exercises for personal growth and divinatory practice.”
— Thalassa, creatrix of the San Francisco Bay Area Tarot Symposium and founder of Daughters of Divination

“It is a long-held belief that familial energy can be accessed across the eons of time. Wisdom and insights of those from which we have inherited our diverse cultures and customs are revealed through the accessible tarot reading techniques delivered by Nancy Hendrickson. Ancestral Tarot: Uncover Your Past and Chart Your Future will prove to be a “go to” resource for tarot practitioners.” 
— Gina G. Thies, author and creator of Tarot of the Moors

“Ancestral Tarot takes what can be a very daunting and complex topic and creates a simplified way to learn and experience your ancestors. The journal pages and tarot spreads led me on an unexpected journey. I especially enjoyed the methods of making sigils and how to use them. Hendrickson offers a variety of tools to help you connect and work with the people in your past.”
— Debbie Chapnick, author of the Tarot Tip Sheet and Journey of the Food: Eating your way through the Tarot”

“Ancestral Tarot gives us the practical tools and spiritual guidance to use tarot for personal healing and exploration in a way that is deep, meaningful, and masterful.” 
— Christiana Gaudet, author of Tarot Tour Guide and Fortune Stellar

“Ancestral Tarot asks all the right questions to connect with our ancestors, so that we can gain wisdom. The book’s many layouts help us to see family patterns with the detail and nuance we need. Healing our relationships with our ancestral patterns not only heals us -- it reaches forward into future generations enabling us to become what this changing world needs -- wise and whole. This is a 'must have' book!” 
— Jessica Macbeth, author of The Faeries' Oracle

“Bravo!!! Nancy leaves no stone unturned in her phenomenal tarot debut!  Working through her spreads helped me to connect to one of my ancestors almost immediately and I have been growing the connection ever since. She takes a very intangible practice and has made it practical, hands-on, and very down-to-earth.  If you seek to facilitate a connection to a loved one or do the work to recognize and/or break generational patterns, this book is for you!” 
— V. of RedLight Readings, the Tarot BFF.

“Ancestral Tarot: Uncover Your Past and Chart Your Future by Nancy Hendrickson is a level-up when it comes to ancestral work and divination. Hendrickson has created a pathway with guardrails for each reader to follow along their journey. This book is a work of self-discovery that invites us to travel back in time to connect with multiple lines of ancestral history and forward to know how our work today prepares us for our future role as ancestor. The spreads, writing prompts and exercises included are accessible to both new and experienced Readers alike.  When you’re ready, grab your cards, a pen and journal and turn the page to Chapter 1.”  
— Rhonda Alin, founder of Northern New Jersey Tarot.Study Group

“Nancy Hendrickson has taken the age-old art of tarot and repurposed it to manifest a divinatory window to the past. Ancestral Tarot is a unique and in-depth way to examine the family tree, untangle complicated histories, facilitate healing, and adjust the lineage onto a positive path for the future. If you are a genealogy buff who would enjoy a new way of interacting with the Ancestors, this book should be on your shelf.”  
— Cairelle Crow, genealogist and founder of Sacred Roots Genealogy

“Not all families are happy and sometimes that pain stretches back into the ancestral mists. Nancy Hendrickson's book, Ancestral Tarot, is a wonderful and compassionate guide that will enable people with disrupted or strained family back-stories to heal that rift.  Not only is Nancy an accomplished tarotist and author, but she is also a highly respected genealogist with decades of experience in the field.  Ancestral Tarot’s deep foundations in Nancy's own rich practice, combined with its practical, powerful spreads and journaling exercises allows readers to be very hands-on in their own ancestral healing journey. This is definitely a book to cherish and work through, time and again.” 
— Alison Cross, author of A Year in The Wildwood and Tarot Kaizen.