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Love Poems From Vermont: reflections on an inner and outer state

Love Poems From Vermont: reflections on an inner and outer state

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Publication Date: January 1st, 2019
Brilliant Light Publishing


This book serves as a treasure map to the visual and poetic delights that give Vermont its reputation as a haven for the soul. Like the intensity of fresh love where the lover thinks of the beloved night and day, Jon Meyer’s Love Poems From Vermont: Reflections On An Inner And Outer State will last long after you put it down and prompt you to pick it up again.
This stunning book contains 65 poems, each imbedded in a photo image of an iconic place in Vermont. The poems came first, then over the last 16 years author Jon Meyer searched for the right place to take a photo image in Vermont for each poem.

The order of poems is arranged according to the rise and fall of inner and outer sounds from the poems and their images. Our very lives rely on a breathing rhythm, and our heart beat- systolic, diastolic. We can hear both. While reading the poems and observing the images of Vermont, please also listen for the hoof beats of the white horse, the dripping sound of icicles, the rise and fall of mountain top breezes, and the rush of a waterfall.

About the Author

Jon Meyer’s has written for The Village Voice, ARTnews, ARTS, New Art Examiner, Visions
Quarterly, CRITS, Q, Dialog, Art New England, and more. Meyer led a small team producing a
film about one of his students, Dan Keplinger. This film, King Gimp won the Oscar at the 2000
academy awards.
He has had his art work in international exhibitions, such as Outward Bound, including
Rauschenberg, Dine, Lichtenstein, Flack, Ringgold, Grooms, Fish, Close, and Christo. He has
given public lectures and workshops across the US, Europe, Australia, and Asia.
Meyer’s work has been in 60 solo and group exhibitions (18 museum exhibitions) and has his
work in 20 museum/ public collections globally. He has received 12 grants, including a National
Endowment for the Arts grant. He has been writing poetry for over 40 years. His new book, Love
Poems From Vermont: reflections on an inner and outer state includes over 60 poems and
photographs from around Vermont.

Praise for Love Poems From Vermont: reflections on an inner and outer state

This book has won 8 national and international awards including National Best Poetry Book, 2019/ 2020 Reader Views, National Best Poetic Photography, Pinnacle Award, Next Generation International Award for Poetry 2020 finalist

Jon Meyer’s beautiful book of poems, photos and thoughtful reflections will awaken, inspire, and bring a deep sense of peace to readers everywhere. It was fascinating to see how the beauty of the images and the quietness of the words took me to many places I love, and brought both Rumi and Thoreau to mind….an unexpected pairing, but not such strange bedfellows, really.
-Reeve Lindbergh, Vermont author of 29 adult and children’s books, daughter of aviator/ author parents

Breathtaking photographs of our gorgeous little state, accompanied by penetrating, near-Vedic text: if anyone knows a more rewarding way to spend some Vermont hours, please send me details as soon as possible!
--Sydney Lea, Vermont Poet Laureate 2011-2015, author of 20 books, has written for New Yorker, New York Times

Jon Meyer somehow managed to achieve the pitch perfect synthesis of original ideas expressed in the language of the heart. It is also a treat to realize that amidst the increasingly insane shrill adversarial cacophony epitomizing contemporary America remain pockets of serenity and natural beauty.
--Lynwood Shiva Sawyer, UK author and screenwriter

With words and images, Jon Meyer dives deep into the multifaceted and mysterious aspects of love.
-- Ron Holsey, TV Writer for PBS, BBC, HBO, Emmy Award Winner