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The Ethical Traveler: 100 Ways to Roam the World (Without Ruining It!)

The Ethical Traveler: 100 Ways to Roam the World (Without Ruining It!)

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Publication Date: September 6th, 2022
Smith Street Books
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Practical choices we can all make to travel the world more ethically.

Travel can be a blast, but there are hidden costs to your trips that go deeper than your pockets. From potential impacts on the environment or the communities we visit to respecting others’ cultures, taking a moment to consider our choices can make a real impact on the planet and other people.
Whether it’s doing the research to make sure the money we pay to see wild animals isn’t going into the pockets of those abusing them or forgoing the familiarity of Starbucks for local restaurants, there are countless ways we can travel more consciously. This book offers 100 tips to help protect the planet, support communities, and plan trips that are more mindful for anyone who wants to explore the world while conserving everything that makes it so special.

About the Author

Imogen Lepere is an award-winning travel writer based in London who specializes in food, female empowerment, and community. Her previous adventures include living with a commune on a Thai island, couch surfing around Scandinavia, riding the Trans-Mongolian Railway, sailing to Indonesia’s Spice Islands, and that summer spent with a nudist colony in Greece.