Charlotte Pierce

An independent publisher since 1989 when she started Pierce Press after moving to the Boston area from New York City, IPNE board member and past president Charlotte Pierce has long advocated for the collaborative economy. She wrote the editorial, Collaboration Is the New Competition, in the 2015 IPNE Catalog.

Charlotte welcomes inquiries from potential guests for IPNE’s three live-streaming YouTube shows, Ask the ExpertsFace The Book TV (authors & book reviews) and IPNE Office Hours (daily drop-in and Q&A for members), produced in collaboration with IPNE. She is the former managing editor for Home Office Computing Magazine (Scholastic) in New York, and started in publishing as a regional editor for Outdoor Empire Publishing in Seattle.

Charlotte grew up on a small farm in Eastern Washington and is an avid sculler (rower). She enjoys hiking, geocaching, language learning, adventure travel, fiber arts, and all manner of crafting & making. She graduated from the University of Washington (BA cum laude) and Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government (Master’s in Public Administration, 1992).

She is currently the Managing Editor of The Fictional Café.

Charlotte Pierce will present sustainable social media strategies that authors can use to engage with readers - and sell more books! She says:

"For most authors, the days are long gone where you'd write a book and hand it to a publisher to do the work of editing, publishing, distributing, and marketing - if you could find a publisher willing to take you on.

Many authors today, even successful published authors like Neil Gaiman and others, are taking the shortcut via independent publishing to get their work into the hands of readers.

The fun - and challenging - part of independent publishing is that you get to be in charge of just about everything that goes into packaging, marketing, and selling books. This includes building an 'author platform,' and that's where the power of social media comes in.

Mostly free to use, social media lets authors engage directly with readers and build a tribe of loyal fans. But building an author platform using social media takes time, regularity, trial and error, research, and persistence, and it should be combined with real-life appearances as much as possible."