On Monday July 10th a historic flood hit downtown Montpelier as well as other parts of our beautiful state. Our downtown was decimated, including Bear Pond Books. We lost books, all of our first floor furniture, and even our floors and walls. It will take time and money to re-build. Our community has responded with an amazing outpouring of help and as much as we hate to ask our customers for more, we have little choice if we want to bring Bear Pond Books back to its former self. Please consider making a financial gift here.  THANK YOU!!!

If you are ordering books AND making a financial gift, please do that in two separate orders! It makes things a lot easier for us!

We are also fundraising here by selling t-shirts and sweatshirts with this logo, inspired by all the people who helped us in the initial stages of cleaning up our store and basement (that was gross!). Official Friend of Bear Pond Books fashion is available for a gift of $100 but you must order it through this link (not below).