Host a Book Fair

Bear Pond Books works with parent-teacher organizations, schools, and libraries to present high quality book fairs for students and families.

All books are hand-picked by our expert staff with an eye to quality, creativity and affordability, in conjunction with your own requests and needs. After 40 years in business, we know what kids & teens like! We also know what parents like: Bear Pond Books Fairs do not include toys, posters, pencils and we avoid television and other media tie-in books.

 Bear Pond gives back 20% of all before tax sales to your school, PTNO, or library!

We are an independent, local business dedicated to individualized service for our customers; we work hard to tailor our book fairs to your school or library’s needs.

We start with a Master List that you will review and revise together with our staff. Our Master List of books includes: fiction, reference, puzzle books, biography, local/Vermont history and interest, sports, nature/ecology, animals, seasonal titles and history. This list is continuously updated to include recent award winners, and any other exceptional new and/or locally authored books.

We can respond to your school’s curriculum needs and interests, taking into account input from parents, librarians, teachers and students themselves. We can also provide a selection of affordably priced books, parenting books, calendars, holiday/seasonal titles, and other books for parents.

After determining the final list, Bear Pond will provide the merchandise, tabletop displays, and cardboard display units (if needed) to supply your book fair. The organization running the book fair will pick up and return the merchandise, provide the space and tables, and volunteers to staff the event.

Book fair fundraisers support reading and creativity, support local businesses and, of course, support your organization with 20% of all before tax sales.  

For more information contact: Jane Knight, (802) 229-0774,

Choosing a Bear Pond Books Fair supports a local, independent business and keeps your spending dollars within your community.