Wish Lists for Individuals

Buy Local – Give Local: Bear Pond Wish Lists

How long is your reading list? Would you like an easy way to let friends and family know what books you’d like to receive as gifts? The Bear Pond Wish List lets you build a list, share the list, and automatically update when something has been purchased. Books can be mailed or picked up at the store.  Here’s how:

Get Started

Go to www.BearPondBooks.com

Along the lefthand side of the screen you’ll see a User Login box. You can easily create an account if you don’t have one already – these accounts aren’t just for Wish Lists, they make it easy for you to do book ordering and e-Book downloads from Bear Pond. 

Build Your Wish List

After you’ve logged in, you’ll be able to search for the books you need by title, author, or keyword in the search boxes on Bear Pond’s home page and on every page of the website.

Click on the title of the book you want and you will see two buttons – Add to Cart or Add to Wish List. Add it to your Wish List.

Share Your Wish List

The Bear Pond website will generate a dedicated link for your Wish List. Log into your account, go to the My Account tab and Manage Wish List – near the bottom you’ll see the option to “E-mail Your Wish List”. This function lets you e-mail the link with a customized message.

Updating the List

When people buy books from your Wish List, it will automatically update as “fulfilled”. If you get one of the Wish List books in a different way, don’t forget to take it off the list.

To remove a book from your Wish List, just sign into the account, go to the My Account tab on the home menu and choose Manage Wish List. You can check “Remove” and update the list.

You’re Done!  Enjoy your reading.