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2 Kinds of People: A Visual Compatibility Quiz

2 Kinds of People: A Visual Compatibility Quiz

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Publication Date: July 11th, 2017
Workman Publishing Company
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Staff Reviews

THE perfect gift book!

— Emma


How do you roll?

Ketchup on the fries, or ketchup on the side? Bed made—or why bother? Night owl, or early bird? And about that toilet paper roll . . . Over? Or under? This visual personality quiz, which doubles as a game, is the easiest way to discover if you and your friend/date/loved one/spouse/future roommate/coworker/person-you-just-met-in-a-bar are destined to be soul mates. Or mortal enemies.

About the Author

João Rocha is an art director and freelance illustrator. He is the creator of two wildly popular Tumblrs: 2 Kinds of People and Kim Jong-Il Looking at Things. He lives in Lisbon, Portugal.