The Children's Room

We like to think the Children's Room is the crown jewel of Bear Pond Books. Located upstairs, it is where you will find secret passageways, hidden portals, hairy, loveable quarkbeasts, and a live tortoise named Veruca. Plus, read (or nap!) in a climbable, cozy chicken coop.

You will also find the perfect book for your coworkers' baby shower, great read aloud recommendations for your classroom, and creative diversions for your long-distance car trip.

The Children's Room also hosts a series of educator events from September to April that are designed to explore literacy issues and ignite the passion for lifelong learning. Past presenters include authors Natalie Kinsey-Warnock and Tanya Lee Stone, Duncan McDougall of Children's Literacy Foundation, and Grace Greene of the Vermont Department of Libraries. You can read articles about their presentations here. Sign up to receive announcements about our events here

We're always happy to help you find the right book - whether it's a whole reading list for summer or just a single recommendation. You can stop by the Children's Room, or give us a call (802-229-0774). We can help you find the appropriate and inspired reading selection for your little, middle, or big one!